Multiple Addresses?


Hi! I live in the UK, but have family in the US, that’s why I decided to download Revolut, since it works well in both countries. One thing I like to do is use my card on US web sites for buying for my American family, but some sites geo lock depending on your card address. Would it be possible to add a second address to the account for adding to a virtual card? So then I could have a card with my UK address on and another with the US address? I’m not sure if this is against some kind of banking regulations, but I thought I’d ask. :wink::+1:


It’s not possible right now. Card billing address is identical to your address as shown under profile. Right now, Revolut is only available for legal residents in the EEA, so a US address can’t be registered momentarily.


Hi there.

@Frank is right. At the moment you can change the billing address by providing a proof of address.