Multiple Accounts


My partner and I really like our Revolut accounts, but we’d really like either a joint account, or to be able to access two separate accounts on our phones.

That way we could have our individual accounts, but also one joint one, or another one with under one name, but two active cards.

It helps us monitor our spending, especially when travelling…



Not possible at the moment, Would like to see that idea brought in to life. At the moment have to physically swap mobiles with wife at the end of day to monitor our spending when travelling. And manually calculate if I didnt went over £200 monthly atm limit in foreign currency.



I’m in the same situation and I too would like to see this rolled out



I would really appreciate such a feature :-).
I don’t understand why this feature is not in. I suspect that it is not a technical issue!
I would be willing to do a KYC again to obtain a second account (in the same currency).
Why is such an obious feature not implemented?
Can I solve the issue with two SIM cards on one phone?
Kind regards