Moving to New Zealand, with a holiday in between

My query is essentially this: I’m moving from the UK to New Zealand, with a month long vacation at numerous countries in between.

I want to use the Revolut travel insurance, but just wanting to make sure the insurance does end when I want it to?

The only explanation the app gives is that the insurance ends once I’m back in the country I started (the UK) however, this is a one-way trip.

Once insurance is activated, I can end it once I’m in New Zealand right?

:r: is not available to residents of New Zealand so once you move you will have to close your account. i assume that will also end your insurance.

If he’s temporarily moving to NZ (like, temporary resident) he can keep his revolut account :slight_smile:

Define temporarily. If he keeps his UK residency he can, if he does not he cant. Regardless of how “temporary” it might be.

To gain permanent residency in a non EU country is not easy. Everything is temporary and you can keep your permanent residency at home.
And more cases, like one year contract sponsored working visa (which can be extended, but legally it’s still temporary)

I have temporary residency in the Philippines (one year ACR ID) and my permanent residency in my home country, Romania.
As my residency in the Philippines is not permanent (and I can’t get permanent unless I stay for 5 years) I can’t give up my residency from Romania (but I can move it to another EU state)

Please, we just had that discussion recently and I thought we came to a conclusion

It is not about permanent residency (in an immigration context) or not. The question purely is whether the OP still has a legal, registered residency in the EEA (basically does he still live within the EEA?). If so, he can keep the account, otherwise not.

Thanks for your replies.

I’m moving there permanently as I’m a New Zealand citizen, so I guess I’ll have to close my account, which is a shame because I’m loving Revolut!