Moving residency from UK to Spain- Revolut actions to be taken


Hi. I’ll be Moving from UK back to Spain soon.

What’s the best way to handle my Revolut account (currently linked to a UK mobile and with a UK account and CC)?

Shall I need to transfer to Spanish new mobile? Pros and cons of doing it?
Shall I need to request a new Spanish Revolut account then?
And therefore require a new plastic card?




Hi there. You can change the phone number linked to your account form UK to Spanish in the app. This will ensure that you have access while you are in Spain.

There’s no Spanish Revolut :slight_smile:


So then my main (default) currency will become Euro instead of Pound right?
But my CC number nor my (UK) Revolut bank account wont change? @AndreasK


I am not sure, as the country of the account wouldnt change.

This question is actually closely related to

@AndreasK, does Revolut have policies and procedures for such cases in place? Paypal for example does not.


Your account will stay as it is. Only the phone number will change.


thanks, does the default currency change though? now it is pound.

I understand from the above answer then that there is no need for a new DC either (both virtual and plastic card number remains unchanged too right?) @AndreasK


Your base currency will stay the same too. This will affect you as you can still top up in EUR.


Isnt this a problem though, when an account does not have a valid address anymore? What are the policies for such a case?


What do you mean? You can change the address by providing a proof of address.


The address can be easily changed within the application (no idea if one then needs to provide additional documents) but I was referring to a change of country.


If you need to change country, not just address then yes you need to provide us with a proof of address.


But there is the option to change the country of the account - along with the base currency? That is the thing that was/is to completely clear to me (Paypal for example does not support that case at all).

Thanks Andreas.


FAQ section providing the details of how to proceed in situation like above would help.

What to do if you relocate to another EEA country?


:+1: Plus relocation out of the EEA.


Well, technically speaking Revolut provides services for the EEA residents so I am not sure if they are under obligation to provide such advice for customers living outside EEA. But I agree, it would still be good to know where you stand, right?


Obligation not and strictly speaking such an account would need to be closed. Thats why this should be also clarified in the FAQ, along with the policies for such cases.

That was the reason for my question in the first place.


When saying “we are available for EEA and Swiss residents” this is very precise. Born EU citizens for example can live abroad but have EEA residency for life. With a Spanish passport, you can live in Japan and have a Revolut account.


Revolut might not say it loud but as long as your registered address is in the EEA you can live wherever you wish.


Residency is not the same as citizenship. You can easily have an EEA citizenship without being an EEA resident but a US resident.