Most merchants in Brazil 🇧🇷 don't accept Revolut Visa cards

Hi! I am trying to use revolut pre-paid visa in Brazil and I am having the same issue
Until now I tried with Get Net

Hi @badr I’m living in Ireland and travelling to Brazil in February 2023 for a holiday. Can revelute be used easily in this country both to tap with phone and make payments. Thankyou

Hi @Pauli and welcome
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Hi wht currency did you use as revelut doesn’t support real .

Can someone tell me please if revelut can be used easily in Brazil to tap with phone etc Thankyou

@Pauli I don’t know about paying by phone. Plastic cards work absolutely fine including the contactless option. When asked if you wish to have a debit or credit transaction, always answer credit. Brazilian POS machines will only work with “credit” for foreign - issued cards, but you 'll have a debit transaction anyway. Good luck and enjoy my country.

Thankyou very much :grin:

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Hi @alexfrmrio, Thank you for helping out :smiley:

@Pauli, we are glad that we could help you :heart_hands:

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You have yet to mention have yet to say what the problems were, such as error messages. With such details, it’s easier to diagnose.

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Brazilian here with some info:

Foreign Visa and MasterCard debit cards in Brazil are recognize was “prepaid credit cards” so will work only when selecting credit.

Only Maestro and Visa Electron are considered debit in Brazil, what may be a problem since some small shops may only accept debit cards, if the PoS is a yellow terminal (PagSeguro) they may process without problems, generally instead of giving a error message if try to pay on credit when selecting debit (or vice-versa), those machines just complete the transaction on what function the card have instead of what was selected by the clerk.

Most cards in Brazil are dual-mode, credit and debit on one card, that’s why they ask what function is before paying at the terminal and it may cause some problems on foreign cards that are debit but here are recognized as credit.


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Update on travelling in Brazil:

1 - Caixa, Banco do Brasil and Itaú: will say “card not recognized” with my Revolut Visa

2 - Banco 24 Horas and Santander - will rip you off R$ 20 reais in ATM fees (information given before you accept, and you can opt out)

3 - And the winner is: BRADESCO!!! Bradesco ATMs are your salvation in Brazil, card recognized and no ATM fees


Wow :scream:

R$ 20 BRL (around 3,75€ on 30 May, 2023), on my Brazilian fintech card that doesn’t offers free withdrawals it’s only R$ 6,50 (around 1,21€).

But most fintechs usually offers free withdrawals, even the big evil traditional banks offers at least 4 withdrawals per month (from the kindness of their hearts, cof cof, I mean because they are obligated by the law).

Like I suggest on my previous post Brazilian Feedbacks & Comments

Revolut should try to get a deal with TecBan to get on Banco 24 Horas (Use our ATMs in Brazil - Banco24Horas) ATM was a partner, so enjoying lower fees and maybe something extra, like being able to deposit on their ATM, switching card PIN and since their ATM have 2 kinds of biometrics readers, maybe even enabling card less transactions by registering biometrics (fingerprint or Palm recognition).

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That’s something new. Thanks for letting us know about it @alexfrmrio. :memo:

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Banco 24 Horas ATM also supports something called “digital withdrawals” where it generate a QR code to be scanned by the bank app and then authorize the withdrawal, I suppose that maybe supporting it would allowing lower fees than using the card since it skips the card network and is between the ATM and the bank.

Honestly I never saw anyone using it, but sounds like a possibility, if I’m not mistaken it uses the same system of QR Code used on PIX

So supporting PIX (could be a function inside the BRL account, so if people first converts the value to BRL could enable withdrawals and PIX payments in Brazil) :wink:

Beside PIX being used only in Brazil (at the moment), when I was touristing in Argentina some touristic places also accepts it by having an account on a Brazilian bank).

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