Most merchants in Brazil 🇧🇷 don't accept Revolut Visa cards


Probably recommended to pop to Wilkos to buy a physical visa and to get a MasterCard from the app, if possible. I certainly carry both on me!


How does a Wilko Visa card solve the problem?

  • Unlike Revolut, I can’t top it up with a points-earning credit card.
  • As Revolut refuses to issue a MasterCard, a Tandem MasterCard credit card would be better with 0.5% cashback, which is also not subject to Revolut’s 1% weekend surcharge.


Is there a picture somewhere how the package of the Revolut VISA looks in the store? Can not find any in the Internet.


I mean, it seems you have a physical visa but quite a few people noticed they receive mastercard from the app now instead of visa. So I meant to buy a Revolut Visa from Wilkos.

See above.

There’s some here



Thank you very much for being awesome. :smile:


Thank you very much too. :smile:


I still don’t understand. Revolut’s Visa cards are not accepted by the majority of merchants in Brazil. Therefore why buy a Revolut Visa card from Wilko? We need all need a Revolut MasterCard, not a Revolut Visa card.


I’ve renamed the thread from “Problems with POS payments in Brazil” to reflect that:

  • The problem is not confined to point-of-sale transactions.
  • The problem specifically affects Visa cards, not MasterCard.
  • The problem affects the majority of merchants in Brazil, far more than 50%.


I may not understand, but you can order a MasterCard from Revolut, no? Is MasterCard not available for all because of the Region?


Correct. For most UK residents, the only card available (except chargeable cards) is Visa. My first Revolut card was MasterCard, but when it expired, Revolut gave me no choice but to replace it with a Visa card against my will.


Actually most of the people I know have Mastercard and I’m under the impression most in the UK receive Mastercard now!


The question is not whether or not most currently have MasterCard, but whether their next card, as indicated in the app, will be MasterCard. Everyone I know sees an indication that their next free-of-charge card will be Visa.


Revolut should deploy their staff to physically fly to Brazil to sort this mess out !
If POS/merchant holds VISA sign is should accept all VISA cards, no exception.


Everyone I know sees a MasterCard in their app, besides two who got a Visa.

Don’t say something stupid

Maybe Visa should send a guy out, seems like a them issue.