Most merchants in Brazil 🇧🇷 don't accept Revolut Visa cards


Most people in the UK using Revolut are offered MasterCard now, although it was originally Visa issued.

It’ll say in the app which one you’re ordering.

You’ll get what is shown in the app at the time of ordering. Sadly you can’t choose what kind of card.

Yes, random. They can’t even manually issue cards apparently.


Maybe Rita decides everything :grinning: :smile: :grinning:


That’s not true. The original Revolut cards were all MasterCard. Then they started issuing Visa cards to UK residents. My MasterCard expired in September 2018, and it was replaced, contrary to my wishes, with a Visa card. It’s the same for other customers I know.


Replacing expired cards is other mystery. Do you need to order new card yourself or they send you automatically new one? No idea.


Was it?

As far as I know they mostly send MasterCard out now


you have to order it


This happened to me again yesterday in Rio de Janeiro. I tried to pay BRL 25.00 with my Revolut Visa card, and got the error below. My girlfriend then paid the BRL 25.00 to the merchant with her Revolut MasterCard instead, which worked as usual. I then sent the GBP 5.24 to her Revolut account as a workaround.

But I won’t be able to use this workaround later this year after her MasterCard expires, because the Revolut app is already indicating that any replacement will be Visa, just as the change of card type was enforced upon me last September without any choice. @AndreasK, why is Revolut replacing working MasterCards with Visa cards that are not accepted by so many merchants? It devalues the international product and will inevitably drive customers away.


After investigating this, the issue seems to be with the merchant. The merchant does not accept pre-paid and/or Revolut cards. Moving on, we’ll try reaching out to the merchant and sort this out.


@AndreasK, your words indicate that you have misunderstood the issue. You write “merchant” in the singular three times. On the contrary, this is not about a single merchant but about the majority of merchants in Brazil. And it’s not about the merchants not accepting Revolut, but about them specifically not accepting Revolut Visa and/or Visa prepaid cards. Revolut MasterCard works fine, as I explained above. When is Revolut going to fix this by replacing our useless Visa cards with MasterCards and ceasing to enforce a change of card type upon customers?


Revolut will do anything to avoid giving an ETA on choosing your card issuer.


Again tonight, another problem at a restaurant in Rio. I ended up paying with another card. Contrary to Revolut Support’s suggestion, the restaurant refused to swipe the card instead, insisting that it’s a chip & PIN card (reasonable because swiping is less secure) and the amount was above the contactless limit so I couldn’t try contactless either. Revolut needs to sort out this shambles, after having disgracefully ignored the problem since September 2018.


You can always use contactless - if the amount is over a treshold, the PIN code will be asked by the POS.

This advice is not specific to „Brazil issue”


You can’t in Brazil. Most merchants have no clue how to enter the amount before the card is presented. Their standard procedure is to insert the card before entering the amount. When they see a physical card, they insist on using chip & PIN. The only way to make them use contactless is to use Apple Pay, and even then, most merchants are totally flummoxed by it.


Oddly when I used Apple Pay in Pão de Açúcar, an upmarket supermarket that is an official Apple Pay merchant, I had to enter my PIN to pay BRL 92.10. I wonder what would have happened if there was no associated physical card and therefore no PIN (which is the case with my German bank account). The fingerprint or device PIN is supposed to be a replacement for the card’s physical PIN, which is at least as secure, if not more secure.


I am getting the same message with a lot of merchants. Cartao invalido. I have a revolut visa.


My experience suggests that Revolut Visa cards are rejected by around 80% of merchants in Brazil. After our trip was extended at the expense of American Express Platinum Card’s travel insurance underwriter, we have been using American Express instead, which is accepted almost everywhere, including last night with Apple Pay for the first time.

In contrast to our trip in March 2018 just before Apple Pay was launched for Brazilian card issuers, I’m finding that Brazilian merchants now know how to process a contactless transaction, but only for Apple Pay. When presented with a physical card, they always insert it into their card terminal and never want to process it contactlessly, even for small amounts.


I have received a private message stating:

I am having the same experiences. I have been trying to post on this thread. I keep getting a message saying that my posts must be reviewed by a moderator, however they never get published.

Revolut doesn’t see any authorisation attempt when its customers try to use their Visa cards, because the transaction is declined immediately by the terminal based on the card type. Therefore Revolut cannot see the magnitude of this problem. When will Revolut take action and stop replacing working MasterCards with unaccepted Visa cards?


Well Apple published this:

When paying in stores with Apple Pay in some countries and regions, if your transaction exceeds a certain amount, you might need to enter your PIN. In some cases, you might need to sign a receipt or use a different payment method.

You might need to enter your PIN for purchases over 50 BRL.

If you have no PIN than you can not pay.


Guys, thanks for your support. A huge thanks also out to @AndreasK for reviewing the problem eventually. This is very kind of you.

To all others: Please stick to the topic in order to make the Revolut people’s life easier. :slight_smile:

To sum it up from above:

  • - GetNet terminals: Visa rejected with “cartao invalido ou prod. nao habilitado”. Mastercard working fine. (anywhere you go within Brazil!)
  • - Cielo terminals: Card rejected with “transaçao nao aceita” (transaction not accepted) @NFH tell me again your card type and if it’s a widespread issue on different terminals
  • - REDE terminals: Card rejected with “cartao nao pertence a rede” (card does not belong to network) @NFH same for this, please state your card type and if it’s all over Brazil



This issue affects Revolut Visa cards, not any other card. It happened to me all over Rio de Janeiro, where I had more success paying with American Express via Apple Pay than with a physical Revolut Visa card.

For online transactions, Uber Brazil accepts Revolut Visa, but Metro Rio’s new Giro card top-ups don’t accept Revolut Visa. For the latter, I used a Tandem MasterCard instead, because there are various promotions for topping up Giro cards online, including free journeys and 30% Uber discounts.