Most merchants in Brazil 🇧🇷 don't accept Revolut Visa cards

My guess is that the decision to decline is taken by the card terminal, not by the card issuer. In such cases, there is little that the card issuer can do except to confirm that no payment authorisation request was received.

It’s high time that Visa and MasterCard required card terminals to show which party declined a transaction. Often card terminals imply misleadingly that it was the card issuer when it wasn’t.

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My friend did, but the guy first did not fully understand and then just reset the card. Does not change the issue tho :wink:

I’m having the same issue. It shows the error ‘não habilitado’ something like ‘not enabled’. I tried in multiple stores and got the same behaviour.


Were the terminals of GetNet too?

Hi guys,

I finally got a photo where the error message is shown. Hope this issue is resolved soon since there are many Visa-Revoluters out there and travelling to Brazil too. Moreover, GetNet (Santander) is common around here!



Hi guys,

Is there any update from the Revolut side of life, @AndreasK? Have you tried to get in touch with Santander/GetNet? My friend was stuck at a gas station yesterday for not having enough cash or an alternative card…

Again, this provider is big in Brazil, especially around Rio and Minas Gerais!


Andreas, were you able to report it inside Revolut? It is clear the failure happened due to lack of acceptance by Getnet (Santander’s card machine in Brazil)

I had the same issue today, twice. Always Getnet machines. Revolut: contact Getnet ASAP, please. Months have gone by and no update…

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I got stuck again, this time at the famous Inhotim Museum outside of Belo Horizonte. They only have GetNet in all their restaurants and the entrance…

Any update on this matter now? @AndreasK

I’m having this issue too.

I am getting the same issue. Old card was Master Card but was cancelled after fraud. Visa card was then issued. It and the old one never work with the Get machine but the old mastercard worked with celo machines. Now the visa card will not be accepted by the celo machines so my old option in Brazil is to take out cash.

Hi guys. Thank you for your feedback. We’re investigating what’s going on. Could you please tell me the exact dates of the transactions? Please send it via a DM.

I am experiencing the same issues in Brazil. See these photos from last night. One says that the card does not belong to the network. The card is rejected by the terminal without attempting to authorise a charge, so it is a waste of time for @AndreasK to ask for exact dates or times of the transactions, as Revolut can see nothing on its systems. And please don’t suggest using contactless as a solution. Although most Brazilian card terminals bear a contactless symbol, most merchants don’t know how to enter an amount before the card is presented. The only procedure that they know on their card terminals is to insert the card first. Contactless is almost unheard of.

Before Revolut continues replacing UK residents’ MasterCards with Visa cards, Revolut needs to find a solution to this problem, otherwise Revolut is useless in Brazil for UK residents. Perhaps Revolut needs to offer a choice of MasterCard and Visa, so that all customers can choose the card type that matches their intended destinations.

Other way around

This is planned but I wouldn’t hold my breathe. I asked Chad when it was coming via DM, he said he’d ask in the office and he’s blanked me since after asking if he managed to get any answers

Don’t suppose @AndreasK could have a word with someone and get me a Maestro and a Visa though :thinking:

@Recchan, why the other way around?

So, currently to get your desired card only way is to order card (it will be mastercard or visa or maestro (in some regions) and then if card if not what you wanted order second one (for fee) and then you will get other network card? Or its still completely random (revolut’s mysterious internal factors) and you can end up with 2 mastercards, for example? :thinking:

Most people in the UK using Revolut are offered MasterCard now, although it was originally Visa issued.

It’ll say in the app which one you’re ordering.

You’ll get what is shown in the app at the time of ordering. Sadly you can’t choose what kind of card.

Yes, random. They can’t even manually issue cards apparently.

Maybe Rita decides everything :grinning: :smile: :grinning:

That’s not true. The original Revolut cards were all MasterCard. Then they started issuing Visa cards to UK residents. My MasterCard expired in September 2018, and it was replaced, contrary to my wishes, with a Visa card. It’s the same for other customers I know.

Replacing expired cards is other mystery. Do you need to order new card yourself or they send you automatically new one? No idea.