More users profiles in app?

More users profiles in app? (I , My wife, …)

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Yes please to this idea: without being required to have a Premium/Platinum subscription.
If payment for this service is necessary, then how about a 1 off payment per (family) member added to your account (with maybe a maximum number of members, after which a subscription is required)?

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Is it possible? We live in the UK and would like to use the card for euro and other payments when overseas. Ideally my wife and I would both have the app on our phones, and a card each but just the one account.

Joint accounts aren’t available yet. They are working on it. But no ETA.

While joint accounts aren’t available yet, as a workaround you could pop in to your local Wilko store and buy a generic Revolut VISA card for less than £5 and add it to your account. All additional cards use the same currency balances available within your Revolut account.

These generic VISA card do not have any name embossed on them - they just have a long card number and expiration date. But it does have a unique PIN which can be changed at most ATMs here in the UK.

You are allowed to install the Revolut on multiple devices.