More than a month I didn’t receive my card


Hello everyone!
I heard really good things about revolut Im not really happy tho!
I am still waiting for my card. Im living in Ireland and I would need the card for all my trips and I couldn’t ise it because I dont have idea where is it.
I contacted with the chat support and it is a machine. The phone that I could find is only for lost cards. What else can I do?
Any chance you send me another?
Many thanks!




Hi @Brevers,

Thank you for contacting us.

As I can see you have generated only a virtual card and not a physical one.

If you don’t need a virtual card, please terminate it from the card section of the app, and issue a new physical card.

Standard delivery takes up to 9 working days & express delivery up to 2 working days.

Kind regards,

Andreas K.


Hello Andreas!
I did already. I cancel the first one and I ask for the physical card.
What about the money that I had on it?

Many thanks!



Hey there @Brevers :slight_smile:

The money is “linked” to your :r: account, and not to a specific card.
That means, if you had 2 cards, cancelled both and got three more cards, the same money would be still there, in the account :wink: