More than 25 hrs since source of funds documents uploaded and no response at all


Can someone please respond to my issue regarding a pending deposit that is awaiting validation of source of funds documents.

This is causing quite a lot of angst now as I need to move the money onward and I’m losing money as a result of the delay. I have had absolutely no response to 6 evenly spaced support message that I have sent.

No courtesy acknowledgement, no report back any capacity issues you may have, no confirmation that my £10k is safe and will be deposited at some point.

Please just give me some kind of feedback.


I recently had the same issue. Waited for 5 days to get any kind of feedback which is NOT okay. There should at least be a message making you aware that you’re in the waiting list and not “lost in space”. However, once there was an agent taking care about it, I’ve been helped professionally.


Same problem. Looking forward to seeing how quickly this gets resolved.