More flexibility for card security

my bank came up with a new functionality that allows clients to choose what kind of transactions are blocked, including DCC. They now even create allowlist and block list of geolocations and it is also possible to block certain any merchant. Please see the screenshots.

It would be awesome if Revolut came with such functionality and make it even more advance by adding option to pay only in certain selected currencies for example.


Hello what bank please ?

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Hello can you give us the name of this wonderful bank please ?

Do you have any insights into how DCC is technically disabled? What’s the mechanism?

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It is one Czech bank. If you are living in the Czech republic, you will know it, if not, they will not open you an account anyway :wink: I prefer not to advertise :slight_smile:

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My guess is that they will block any transactions in your home currency from other countries than your home country. Simply said, if you are abroad and there is card transaction in the currency of your country, it will get blocked.

Hello, ok thanks’ have a good day