More detailed statements

Revolut captures a lot of data on each transaction, including category and location. It would be very useful to be able to export this detail in a CSV file in order to run our own analysis.


I agree, also - PDF statements don’t currently offer a decent overview of transactions and can’t really be used as a valid proof of anything, as the info on them is way too scarce. For example, incoming and outgoing bank transfers are seen as just that - bank transfers to XXX - no details on account numbers of the sender/receiver, reference notes, transaction don’t specify the exchange rate…



Support this idea.


Absolutely. If I want to use Revolut as my main account, I need the following details in the statement for Luxembourgish Social Security:

  • Destination IBAN
  • The message of the transaction

And of course, they do NOT need my current balance


These transfer statements are currently useless if they don’t show where the money goes to and what description/message was added to the transfer.

We need Transfer-Statements to show

  • Destination IBAN
  • The message of the transaction

I agree with everything mentioned so far. Source IBANs for incoming transactions would be nice too, in both the APP and in the PDF statements. These things would be nice for personal revolut accounts and kind of mandatory for business accounts. I think in many European countries having IBANs listed on a statement is rather mandatory for accounting purposes…


This is one of the few things I’d really like to see before adopting Revolut as my main account.

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I’m looking for advice, but having to reply to this topic because I can’t start a new post in the ‘Other Things’ section because I can’t get through the Discobot verification conversation (there is no ‘reply’ button!.. :man_facepalming: )

Does anybody have advice on whether a Revolut pdf statement of transactions is good enough for official purposes? Long story short, I need to make a payment in Euros to a German healthcare provider, and then I need a statement showing the transaction that is acceptable to the UK NHS. If I make the payment through Revolut as opposed to my normal bank, then I save £60. So, obviously, pretty keen to do that. But I’m worried that the Revolut pdf statement will not be accepted by the NHS as proof of the transaction because (as far as I can see looking at statements with previous bank transfers on) the statement only seems to show the name of the recipient and not any other details (IBAN, transaction description, etc.). Plus, the overall look of the thing is not very… well… official-looking. Any advice much appreciated! Any experience of using Revolut statements as proof of payment for relatively ‘official’ purposes?


Any news on this?

More details would be really greatful!

Many thanks,

good ideea, support this


I would also add the possibility a consolidated statement seeing all the transactions in the different currency bank accounts at the same time, converting the amounts to the primary currency using maybe current exchange rate.

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The current date format is useless. Please change the date formatting so it can easily be uploaded in any other app/spreadsheet. Thanks

Hi i agree with the more detailed statements how ever i will explain what i mean.
If you add a IBAN for your local bank and you name it Albert Einstein, you give it you IBAN RO00BTRL000000XXX and make a transfer. For what ever issue you dont get the money and would like to contact your local bank and they ask you for a statement that proves wen you send, what amount and you generate one from the app and then you see that the only info is the date To: Albert Einstein amount and currency there is, no IBAN info on that statement… i can simply save an IBAN with the name Long D… and that is what will appear on the statement… There should be more info like name and iban or phone number for local transfers between friends(honestly the phone number i dont care its nice to see but less important but the iban this is a must.)
Also wen you receive money you don`t get mach info from who it is.
Thank you for reading and hope you keep it under consideration.
Sorry for the bad english and have a nice day!!!


I need statements as proof of payment, my current balance is no one’s business!

+1 for this…I also need a valid proof of payment (single transaction) for tax/legal purposes and can’t move to Revolut 100% because of this

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Yes I just joined and the Discobot is asking me to reply but there is no option to do this. Annoying. I cannot start any new posts etc. Is this a known bug? Not very impressed.

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Having a unique transaction ID column in the CSV file would help with merging statements and removing duplicates.


It’s been 2 years. Implement this!


+1 vote for adding CATEGORY and NOTE columns to account statment csv export


I totally agree on this. Having huge issues at the moment because of a transfer I made and the recipient telling me he can’t check if the payment came from my Revolut account due to Revolut using a third party for the payment and not being able to give me a proper confirmation of the transfer that I can use as an actual document. Is there any news on this? And did anyone had issues like that (not receiving an actual document with all transfer information from Revolut)?
Thanks a lot!