More detailed statements


Revolut captures a lot of data on each transaction, including category and location. It would be very useful to be able to export this detail in a CSV file in order to run our own analysis.


I agree, also - PDF statements don’t currently offer a decent overview of transactions and can’t really be used as a valid proof of anything, as the info on them is way too scarce. For example, incoming and outgoing bank transfers are seen as just that - bank transfers to XXX - no details on account numbers of the sender/receiver, reference notes, transaction don’t specify the exchange rate…



Support this idea.


Absolutely. If I want to use Revolut as my main account, I need the following details in the statement for Luxembourgish Social Security:

  • Destination IBAN
  • The message of the transaction

And of course, they do NOT need my current balance


These transfer statements are currently useless if they don’t show where the money goes to and what description/message was added to the transfer.

We need Transfer-Statements to show

  • Destination IBAN
  • The message of the transaction