More design for Visa Infinite cards

It would be nice to have more design for Metal users regarding the Visa Infinite (as the photo taken) but without bank details of course…

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I personally like the current design. I do not like the picture that was uploaded here, it goes against the simple minimalism that Revolut’s current Metal card designs have. I would like to see more color options though. A true solid black would be top on my list. :grinning:

I personally like the current design

Except that there’s absolutely no reason for the card info (including personal info like your name) to be present on the physical card.

That’s true. I think the name should be on there, but the card info isn’t necessary.

I like how Apple Card does it. Just the name on the front, no card number info anywhere, not even on the back. It would be cool if Revolut would do something like this.

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