More DCC Woes


I believe I may have just suffered from DCC. I had a bill in Hong Kong, insisted on paying in HKD, had plenty of HKD in my wallet, the card is a U.K. card with sufficient GBP as well, but for some reason the payment was taken USD. Had a lengthy chat with the restaurant manager about the Mastercard DCC terms and conditions, and he assured me it would be sorted at settlement. I’m not convinced. Waitress didn’t know that she had to offer a choice. Net result I may be a couple of USD down, so no great effect on me but it’s the principle that counts. A few hundred covers and a couple of USD each a nice little earner. Any idea why I should have been charged in USD?


Good that you defended your righteousness. DCC is just s c a m. There is no reason it should exist. Why they charged in USD? Who knows. It’s Hong Kong.


I think back in the dark ages some cards only accepted transactions in a few currencies so DCC was the only way of making the transaction


Just been quickly sorted out by customer services. Thank you Anastasiia. The transaction was authorised and taken in USD despite receipts showing HKD, so Revolut reverted the transaction. Being an honest soul I will pop next door tomorrow and pay them in cash to the nearest cent or whatever it is here, and give them a stern warning that if they do it again my colleagues won’t be so forgiving, now that they know the money can be easily reverted.


I’m a honest person as well, but I’m not sure giving them back is the best option here - because I don’t think they actually don’t know. The play stupid, but you really think they’ve never noticed that they get much more money or pay less fees if they charge in USD? They tried to rip you off, so they should learn a lesson. The more transactions get reverted in full, the more likely they will change their behavior as it isn’t profitable any more.

Last time I was “offered” a DCC their rate was 7% (!!!) above the rate I got from Revolut. This is not a fee, it’s robbery.


I’ve had transactions show up in Revolut as being taken in USD despite that not being the currency I was charged in. The amount was exact - no DCC - just something weird with Revolut or the transacting bank.


Maybe you didn’t have the amount you payed in the currency you’ve paid in? In that case Revolut does the exchange (which is what you want) and displays the transaction on the currency tab it took the money from…