More control over notifications, clean or improve current ones



I think it would be nice for the user if we could have more control over notifications. Right now there’s two options: on and off.

I also think the current notifications could be improved. Two examples:

Example 1: I work on a site just at the border between two countries. Almost once a day I get the “Welcome back home!” notification. What’s the point of it? If it’s only a “being nice to the user” notification check that I’ve been away enough time (a week? three days?)

Example 2: I eat at my workplace several times a day and I get notified every time I pay with my Revolut card. Wouldn’t it be nicer if I could block these recurrent notifications?

Other than that, pretty happy with the app. Keep up the good work.



Hi @xvallspl,

Thank you for your feedback.

Something similar was posted a while ago: Notifications management


Hi. Any news on this? The notifications on vaults are very annoying. It could be great if we just recive a notification when a seartain percentage is completated like 25, 50, 75, 100. But right now avery spare change is notified, that means double notification: the one of the purchase and the vaults one.
Another thing to be nice to have is trusted places for purchases and trusted accounts so you can turn of notifications when you buy on this places.