More Colour Choices for Standard Users

Good Morning,

It will be interesting to let Stantard users the choice of the card.
2 or 3 cards different colours will be great.

I know Premium and Metal Users can enjoy different cards but they are in Metal Or Gold and Silver for Premium.

Standard users should have the choice of the colour for 2 cards.

Have a good day.

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I’ve yet to see a reason to justify the provision of additional colours.

And after months :r: still cannot provide all colours to Metal users. Silver and Space grey are still not available.

They could allow Standard users to buy the Premium cards at a higher price, I just do not see that as a wise move, nor is it justified.

It would, however, be nice to have the standard card with better security features. I do strongly believe that security is standard and not a ‘feature’. I.e. print PAN on the back or not at all.

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