Monzo USA launched Joint Accounts

Monzo USA today has launched the test drive of Joint Accounts.

How soon can we expect this feature from Revolut???


Someone recently had a notification invite for joint accounts soon going live at Revolut. Same goes for the Ultra plan coming soon.

It’s going to be a big year!


That’s good to know that Revolut is also going to launch joint accounts. Eagerly waiting to hear more on this.


You already know Revolut is always working on providing you all the best features, so stay tuned :eyes:

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Hopefully it won’t be just UK again :confused:


Since regulations and laws for joint accounts are complex and the product needs to respect country specific regulations, I would expect a staggered roll-out.


I understand your comment on one level.
However my wife and I have successfully managed to run our financial lives through our joint bank account for nearly 40 years.
However we can’t be trusted to share a Revolut account.
How sad.

It’s not about trusting you. It’s about regulatory requirements when two different individuals actually legally own the money.


Revolut has matured now to understand, follow and navigate the complex regulations. So it shouldn’t be a big deal to launch joint accounts for all.

how many have already received the invite to join a wait list to test joint accounts?

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Revolut has not rolled out services that need that level of localisation worldwide in the past. Not even all aspects of the core product are identical for all EEA countries where Revolut relies on the same regulatory framework.

Since Brexit, the UK app drifted away from the EEA app. America and Asia are also considerably different products. Rolling out joint accounts for all regions at the same time would most likely mean to postpone the service in some regions until it’s ready for all. This was never Revolut’s approach. That’s why I don’t expect it now. We‘ll see.

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Revolut has been great in standardizing the service levels while customizing with local flavors in comparison to other challenger banks. For example, Monzo came to US ahead of Revolut. But Monzo is still slow. But Revolut zipped through their variety of products.
Joint account is quite common in almost all over the world. Therefore, I expect Revolut to iron out all the wrinkles and launch it across of the board in a staggard manner. This joint account will bring a lot of couples to Revolut family.


Here are a number of features that Revolut does not offer worldwide, just in some regions, despite being very common:

Credit cards, loans (pay day and other forms, including buy now pay later), saving accounts with interest, cryptocurrency withdrawals, stock trading, a POS terminal for merchants …


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