Monzo on BBC Watchdog

Monzo, which some people view as a partial competitor to Revolut, is being featured on BBC1’s Watchdog consumer television programme this evening.

The complaints are that customers’ accounts become frozen and customers can’t pay bills, pay their rent or even feed their children. It sounds as if automated processes are misidentifying accounts as being used for suspicious activity and that humans at Monzo are not reactivating the accounts sufficiently quickly, often for weeks.

Although BBC Watchdog say that they are receiving more complaints about Monzo than other banks, let’s hope that Revolut never suffers the same bad publicity as a result of freezing customers out of their accounts, given that we do hear sometimes of Revolut freezing accounts.


I can’t find that episode in your link. Where is it?

When I posted above, the programme was still being broadcast live, so it wasn’t yet available on BBC iPlayer. It’s now available at:

Monzo is covered at the beginning and at several other points throughout the one-hour programme.


What kind of bullsh*t is this!?

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.

Brexit means Brexit…

That has like nothing to do with Brexit. That will not happen anyway.

You can get around it by using a proxy server or VPN with a UK IP address.

Yeah I know. Just not worth the effort for me.

And it absolutely does not make sense for programs produced by the BBC, which this is, as I understand it.

It’s understandable for licenses they buy to save money by limiting it to the home country. But for stuff they produce themselves and own the licenses?

Are you undemocratic?

I just walk the righteous path. That is all.

No worries, Ezekiel.

Close but no cigar. :grin:

There is still a cost to producing one’s own content. The BBC will charge for its own content in a number of ways, e.g. through the licence fee for UK viewers, through advertising for BBC World, or through direct sales to other broadcasters.

It’s the same for SRF btw

How many years has it bean?
They still fighting in the parliament

I no longer follow the topic, its has being too long
I have stopped care about it

Try downloading it on the iPlayer app