Monthly withdrawal limit


I feel that the monthly withdrawal limit is insufficient when on holiday with a family. £1000 would be more realistic. I was recently on holiday in Cyprus for my daughters wedding, I withdrew the £500 limit but I needed more cash so when I withdrew some more, I was charged a fee. I know the idea is to use your card wherever possible, but sometimes or somethings you just require cash!


That’s very complicated because cash withdraws cost money to Revolut which don’t own (yet) the ATMs. See here for more explanations:



More alarming is the 30K GBP annual limit…

Some fees are to be expected somewhere. But that you are just left high and dry with no recourse if you want to spend more than 30K in a year is far more unacceptable.


And with no warning of how much you have spent so far.
If I combine Alnmouth online shopping and offline spending with a card, I will hit that limit.


It’s like Revolut never heard of a 5 star hotel, or an expensive country or city. A family of 4 could exceed that limit in just a couple of vacations if it’s an expensive destination.


I’ve never spent that much on vacations lol
Guess I’m cheap


Granted but some people do or some people travel constantly for work.

I can often be on the road up to 180 days a year and I have to charge most of my expenses to my personal card and then submit expense reports later for reimbursement. It is easy to spend 30K GBP annually for business travelers who are always on the road traveling to expensive places. I would have wanted to use Revolut for that if it weren’t for the limit. The convenience of never having to change money, etc. would be great.


Setup two accounts and you get 60k


True but I don’t think they will allow you to do that. They check ID to remove the paltry 500 GBP initial limit.


is it in the FAQ you can only have one? :slight_smile:


I don’t know but I bet they will reject whether it’s in the FAQ or not. Revolut is not known for reliable, consistent or correct information.


I don’t always have time to read all the updates and notification from numerous financial operators I hold, hence in July I was hit with the £500 monthly limit, dear Revolut it may be strange to you, in some areas (Europe) only want to deal in cash, with an average of small daily transaction of around €100.00 with a similar figure in the evening extracting the card out of the wallet it would become red hot and possibly be laughed out of the establishments.

The £500 limit would be derogatory if it was per week let alone per month, your argument its still “free with no charges for purchases” I also hold two other cards that offer no fee’s transaction with interbank exchange rates.

Finally the 2 percentage point levied on the monthly limit I think is excessive, there are others providers that I also use that take their charges up front, making Revolut only marginal cheaper. When launched I saluted Revolut and we all new charged had to eventually come, sadly however I feel you have used a sledge hammer to crack a nut…I will be rethinking what mechanism I’ll be using for my next trips later in the year, it was good while it lasted.



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Hey all

Does the monthly limit end at the end of each month or is it based on the day you created your account?

Also do you get a notification when you’ve hit the limit and will be charged 2% on future withdrawls?


Day you created your account, or if you have :r: Premium, the day you signed up for Revolut Premium.

Unsure. I’ve only used up to the fee-free withdrawal quota.

You can monitor it in the app, however.


That wouldn’t work in all situations. Consider this: withdrawal one day: 100. And the other day: 150. While I think a notification could be a good idea, it would generate situations where it would actually degrade user experience.


I guess a hidden fee should remain hidden :rofl: