Monthly exchange limit fees


There is a monthly limit of 5000 GBP/euro exchange after which there is a fee, how do I see where I am in that limit and is it for a calendar month or rolling 30 days?

If I do 3000 GBP to EUR and then 2000 EUR to GBP - does that count as 5000?

Thanks in advance

the definition of month depends when you joined Revolut. calendar month if you joined before 16/03/2017 and rolling month if you joined after.

and the exchange fee is an extra 0.5%.

you can see the values and your current state on the application, in profile -> price plan

before planning a large transfer please check your top up limits first.

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Is the extra 0.5% above 5000 also apply to Premium account?

no, only to free users.

Limits are counted in your main currency.
So if it is GBP- ok (because 2000 EUR< 2000 GBP)
If it is EUR- it’ll be the fee (because 3000 GBP> 3000 EUR)