Month statement PDF including receipts

I have been looking for a while now in the app, as it seems almost a sin this does not exist. It’s already possible to add receipt photos to transactions (great!) and it’s possible to get a statement including said photo (great!) but it seems it’s not possible to get a month’s (or more) statement including receipts?!

Would be extremely handy for those of us needing to file business expenses to be able to get a single PDF with all expenses and receipts included! Please add, you’re so close already.


Yes to this.
We need the best possible ways to quickly see what’s going on with our money, “zoom in” when we want more details than the overview, and have ways to quickly print out what’s going on - for ourselves and for when we need to share with others.
Revolut shows us how much we spent on groceries. (Currently) Only receipts show how much money was spent on broccoli (and how much on cupcakes). :wink:

I do lots of business trips.
I have no need for Revolut Business as I have to enter the info into my employers software anyway.
I’d like to be able to attach a receipt to the item
Choose which items to export
Create a report with photos
It would save me so much time I’d probs pay £5-10 p/m for the feature

This is a requirement for me.
I would love to subscribe to Revolut business but to justify the monthly bill and the hassle in managing an additional business account I would love an easy tracking of receipts:

  1. attach a photo of the receipt to the transaction (should be already there)
  2. when downloading a monthly pdf statement, see all the receipts pictures in the statement
  3. be able to download all the receipts for a month
  4. quickly see from the transaction list, the ones with the receipts associated or not

With all this features supported I would immediately switch to revolut business for my company!