Please could you guys allow users to link their cards to Moneybox ( I’m trying to use Revolut more and more but also want to be able to use moneybox as my savings app. I’ve asked them, and they said it needs to come from Revolut.


I know this is an old thread and it is missing the investment part (which i think is coming soon too!). But Revolut have announced their next big feature which makes it possible to save up the pennies. You can find more information on their blog


I know it is an old thread but I agree with you danwo, would be very interested in the ability to link my Revolut account for a direct debit to the Moneybox app. I know you can use vaults in Revolut but they are only for savings and not for investment so they don’t allow your money to grow. Does Revolut have any plans for making it possible to link my account to Moneybox and in that case when could that happen?