Money transfer from NOK to EUR

I have a standard EUR bank account from Italy and a NOK bank account in Norway. I need to transfer some money from NOK TO EUR.
What is the best way? Please mind that my Italian bank has fee for incoming money transfer of currency different from euro and transfer from not EEA area. I was thinking of topping up my Revolut Eur Account with NOK, then convert into EURO inside my revolut account and then transfer to my Eur BANK? Will I incur in any fees?

Obviously looking for the way with the least amount of charges!

My advice, using Revolut would be:

  1. Create a NOK account in your Revolut app.
  2. Transfer your NOK to your Revolut account.
  3. Exchance your NOK on a regular working day to EUR in your Revolut app.
  4. Transfer the EUR from your Revolut account to your Bank account in Italy.