Money transfer from a US account


I have a Revolut French account. I would like to transfer some money from my US bank account.

Is it authorized? In which currency am I going to receive the money in my Revolut account?


Yes. Just make sure to use the corresponding account details for a USD transfer. Money will be credited in USD.

It depends on you. (Which Revolut account details you provide on sender’s side)

ok… Thank you for your quick answers!

I have a similar question
I have a UK revolut card and my wife has a Australian revolut card

I would like to make a money transfer from My bank account located in AUSTRALIA in AUD to mine (uk) or my wife revolut account (australian revolut), after that I would like to exchange this money to PLN currency (roughly 15 000 AUD) and send this money to my own bank account in Poland in PLN currency.

Is that possible? Is there any limit or fees here?


any help here please?

If a another user can’t help you out here, just contact in app support chat.

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If I understood correctly, you just want to exchange AUD to PLN using Revolut. I thing the best way to transfer money from your Australian bank to Revolut is to top-up Revolut with the debit card (ofc unless your wife’s Australian Revolut account has local Australian bank details, then you can make regular transfer). After that you can exchange it (but remember, for Standard Revolut account only 20k PLN of exchange is free of charge; later you’ll pay a fee) and transfer to your Polish account.