Money transfer failed


Hey there!

I have just started to use the Revolut app. I managed to transfer some money yesterday but when I wanted to send some money today, it was declined. Many times.

Any ideas why this might be the case?

Thank you!


Hello @Veronika.Deer :slight_smile:

Where are you sending the money to?
Another :r: user? Your bank account? Someone else’s bank account? :wink:


Hey Juliopp!

To somebody else. The thing is I managed to do it yesterday, to the same account. I checked my bank account and it seems like the bank holds it - so the transaction is in process. I guess I just wait for couple of days? What is strange to me though is that yesterday, I could send the money without any problem :).


Hey again @Veronika.Deer :slight_smile:

What’s the exact reason for decline you get?


I dont know. I just checked my bank account and it is in the folder: waiting transaction but for unknown reason :).

Yesterday, it worked perfectly thats why I was surprised.