Money transfer - avoiding third parties charges


Hi I am new to Revolut and still trying to figure it out… I need to make a payment in USD$ to another person who does not have a Revolut account but has bank accounts in the US, Switzerland or Israel (dont ask!). I am aware that third party fees can be hefty and wanted to work out what would be the cheaper thing to do: to which account to send (ie is it better to stay within SEPA)? in which currency (ie is it better to change the currency on Revolut beforehand and then send?)? Any advice? Many thanks!


SEPA transfer will be free in EU,so Switzerland-cheapest.
What currency account your friend got ?
Usd $ ?
Transfers to israel and usa need to be made by Swift ,and charges can vary.


I agree Switzerland seems best but I presume account in Switzerland is in CHF, so not EUR and mine is also not EUR, so even within the SEPA and if I get an EUR account with Revolut, the receiving bank risks to charge something no? Im confused.


You always can exchange in app to CHF
And transfer CHF to friends account .
Should be no fees…
What is your base currency?



First, I hope it’s not the son of the late Nigerian president you are sending money to, if it is make sure it’s not the eldest, he’s a prick, send to the younger one. Also I hope it’s not a binary options account.

Switzerland is not in EU but it is in SEPA. SEPA basically says that your bank should charge you the same for sending money abroad as they do for sending money to another bank in your country. This is usually very cheap or even free in some EU countries.

The fact that an account is in Switzerland does not mean it has to be in CHF. People have USD, EUR, etc accounts in Swiss banks. Ask your recipient what currency is his bank account in. If he didn’t specify, but is asking you to send USD, then it’s probably in USD (but do check!).

Third thing I can say is that you should probably convert money in Revolut before you send it. Revolut claims to offer the mid-exchange rate, and this seems to be about correct with some minor caveats not important here. The banks will give you a worse rate virtually without exception (at least I’ve never heard of one).


base currency is GBP
thank you!


huge thanks Croato. I can confirm the recipient is not part of any doggy family :slight_smile:
Im checking the currency of their account then will change the amount to that currency through my Revolut account as you suggested.
Since I will be sending it from my Revolut account, I still dont quite get how my own bank is involved and will be charging me any fee… or are we only talking about the fee the recipient bank might charge? and if so, can I choose who pays it (me or the recipient?). Thanks again!


If you use Revolut to send money, Revolut is your bank. Not sure how much they charge for which type of transfer. I’ve only used them for SEPA transfers and they are free.


Revolut doesn’t charge anything for transfers. But international SWIFT transfers come usually with additional 3rd party fees from intermediary banks.