Money taken from my account


I was on holiday in Barbados a week ago. Someone in Barbados has just taken UK£ and US$ from my Revolut account. I’ve frozen the card and phoned Revolut automatic phone system and blocked the card (not sure what the difference is!).

I’m in touch with “live agent” support but no-one is responding.

Any way I can get my money back? They’ve taken UK£378 + $US531.


Hey @Cyrtis :slight_smile:

Be patient and wait. You’ll have to wait up to 7 days to be able to file a chargeback request which will take up to 45 days to be resolved by Visa/Mastercard (not the fastest, but it’s the market standard), but if you did nothing wrong the money will most probably be returned to you :wink:


Thank you. I eventually got through to live chat and they said much the same. But great to have it confirmed.

Guess it could have happened with any card. Never had this before.