Money Taken from Current Account but Declined in Revolut App


Hi - yesterday I topped up my account using Apple Pay and it gave a message saying it was declined. I looked at my Barclays current account app and it was showing as being taken but still in the “pending” section. I contacted revolut via twitter and they said it was a problem on my banks end so I called Barclays and they said that they hadn’t blocked it but as it was in pending it was just waiting to be accepted by the payee (revolut) I contacted revolut with this information to no avail. Today the money is showing on my statement no longer in pending so it has been accepted by revolut but still showing as declined in the revolut app and not been added to my balance!! Revolut support are unresponsive and I dont know what to do!! Help??


Contact them in the Support tab in the app.


I have had the exact same problem today just now. Have you heard anything back?


Showing high volume of traffic message on in app support for 2 days now no response. Speaking with them on twitter but the responses are just “we don’t have an update yet” I am so shocked. They have literally just taken my money and I’m left with none of my weekly funds I don’t know what to do or who to speak to!