Money taken by Revolut, shown as declined payment


I tried making a payment, which was rejected due to a wrong billing address, but when I called my bank account they said that the payment was Authorised by them but not rejected by Revolut therefore I have no access to it.

Can I please have my money back Revolut?


You people really need to quit using this community forum as support for problems like that. There is in app chat support for it.


Thank you for the feedback you person.

The current wait time for in app support is approximately 24 hours. This has not happened to me before with the app so wanted information faster.

With no dedicated customer service phone number, I don’t think that wait time for a response is acceptable either. Lucky I’m not stranded somewhere.


There are at least 100 posts pointing emergency cases to their twitter account. Try that. Lately i feel like im the only one who doesnt wait on support as everyone else, i dont know if its because i have premium subscription, but i think it helps.


Thanks, I am also a premium member and big fan of the app so don’t enjoy posting things like this. I feel like I am the only person who doesn’t have twitter.


you are not the only one, but it looks like having one is a big problem for ya :slight_smile:


I’m a premium member as well, and still not received a response from chat support. (Block out of account)


Hi there.

I think we’ve been in touch via DM. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

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