Money stuck in verification - zero customer suppoet


My money’s been stuck in verification for two days now and revolut are not answering my messages-zero support for premier service. I urgently need this money.


During workdays I would suggest contact via Twitter. I don’t know if they answer on Twitter during weekends :sweat:


Not on twitter but thought 24/7 should mean just that whatever the form of communicating. Worryingly I don’t even get a response from the bot. Hoping they might read this thread at least.

They’re FAQ says the money will be safe but NOT until after the verification process so I at be at risk of losing three months salary.


24/7 means 24/7​:joy: but unfortunately in most cases answer is delayed… So be patient… :crossed_fingers:


Someting triggers on revoluts end. Have you done a transfer from an account that isn’t in your name?

Always start out with lesser amounts and build up trust, never make yourself dependent on a single bank/card.

I know this doesn’t do you much good atm but rather friendly advice for the future.


Yep done all that…started small and worked up. Nearing to up limit but havent brached it. Let users beware!! Do not rely on this service.


My only troubles with revolut have been of the technical kind - toping up not working due to bugs was a biggie for example.

The service has worked flawlessly since i became a customer in july last summer.

If the funds come from an account in your name and you have managed to use it before it seems strange that this should happen.

The topup limit does rise given time aswell, mine is now up to 300 000 SEK, that is more than 25000GBP, used to be a fraction of that when i started out as a customer.

No one should ever rely on a single company though but rather always have a backup card/bank.


I’ve passed my limit as well, sent in verification docs regarding source of funds, and am hoping that the quoted 24 hours is true. No answer on the Online App Chat. Very frustrating.


Hi. Same issue here, documents have been uploaded since 4 days now, no response from Support (neither human or chat or), so haven’t received my January paycheck…thanks Revolut, way to go for your 24/7 Support! - unhappy customer :anger: