Money stolen from my bank account


Last month, I’ve made my first transfert with Revolut.
I’ve transferred 20€ from my French bank account to my Revolut account.
I can see this amount in my Revolut account (the only amount I have), but 84.53€ (!!!) have been stolen from my French account for THIS transaction, identified as ‘RevolutXXXX’ on my bank account.
Please, someone from revolut could urgently resolve this and restore me my money ???
I can give privately the exact date and the transaction number from above.


Revolut cant access your bank account. So if there was an unauthorised transaction you should contact your bank first - as someone apparently managed to gain access to your bank account.

When you say identified, what do you mean by that? To which account did the money get transferred? Can you post a screenshot of your bank statement (censor everything that is not related to the transaction in question).

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I’m saying identified as the transaction appearing on my French bank account (same date, and appearing as RevolutXXXX’) but the amount is not what I’ve asked.
I can see the correct amount (20€) in my Revolut account in the app.
So maybe I should indeed contact my bank first.
I’ll let you know the outcome.

Hi there. Could you please send me a direct message?


The problem was due to a display problem in my bank account transactions, and not an issue at all from Revolut.
Sorry for the noise and thanks a lot for the quick support.