Money sent to my old number


Hello guys,

My friend didn’t update my number and sent me the money using the old one. The money got stuck with the old one and I cannot see them. I have an updated new number on the app .



Ask your friend to cancel the transfer in his app.


Thank you.

Is there an option for that? It shows that the money were deducted already.


He just need to tap on the amount and tap cancel.


Hey Ivan

Many thanks for the advice, but it says it’s competed. Please see the screenshot attached , it doesn’t give me us this option.



That is strange. Then I think you need to contact revolut in the in-app support. Or if the old number of yours is reactivated at revolut by a new person. Your friend might have lost the money :-1:


Thank you, chatted with the support- all resolved now!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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