Money sent but not credited


I have transferred EUR to CHF IBAN form Revolut, the credit has not yet been paid, what should I do?


Hey @Knorli00 :slight_smile:

When was this transfer requested and when was it executed? :slight_smile:


At the 21. December 2017 :roll_eyes:


Hey @Knorli00 :slight_smile:

That’s abnormal. Did you get in touch with the in-app support team? You can do so through the More tab of the app, clicking Support and typing live agent. If you did, what explanation did they provide? :confused:


:thinking:This is the next step I will go


Okay, that might be off topic, but transferring EUR to a CHF IBAN is not the intended way. Your EURs will most likely be exchanged by Revolut’s partner bank Lloyds before they are going to be credit to your CHF balance. It might be also part of why it is delayed.


Hi Knorli00

**Are you sure you own a CHF IBAN? **
That’s not possible right now. Your missing amount would have to be in EUR ACCOUNT.

Uups not your Revolut CHF IBAN… to a CHF IBAN from REVOLUT… sorry.