money sending


Hi I can´t send money from revolut to an another acount. I have still got the message: Money transfer failed, sorry top-up exceeds unverified account limit. Pls go to your profile and verify your identity to continue topping up… btw i had already verified my accout 1 uear ago…pls help thx


Hello @rumcajs :slight_smile:

Consider asking the support team clicking Support in the More tab of the app, and typing “live agent” :wink:
Maybe there are additional verification steps pending


Hi! Did your friend already verified his account? I had a similar problem. Tried to send a friend more than 250e to his revolut account, but, since he didn’t verified his account, the transfer failed everytime. (unverified accounts can only top up maximum of 250e/year, I think). Not your fault. Please ask your friend to check it up.


OK thank you very much I will contact my friend and we will try again :slight_smile:


I am having this same issue, can’t send 10eur to my wife. Don’t care if she’s verified or not, the error messages says that I need to get verified. In verification section I get a message that I don’t need further verification as there still thousands of eur to go before I reach the limit.


Yeah, turns out wifes’ revolut profile is not verified. The very least this is bug because of a wrong error message. Please fix!