money reverted after 7 days, what does that mean?

Hi all! Since this is the first time I am getting this soft of thing, I am a bit confused on how this works. Revolut says that after 7 days if my payment was not accepted, they revert the money transfer, however the order is still normal in Amazon it just seem to be taking the time since my order will come from Japan (I orderd in the UK store).

So my question is this: Since Revolut gave me back the money does that mean that the seller won’t be getting it? Can this possibly cancel my order?

It happened to me recently here in Vancouver, got some payments reverted into my account because the transactions were pending!

Yeah, I contacted Revolut Help desk about this, it seem that the seller can just later on manually charge you for the purchase without any transaction, which i did not know is possible (not sure if ignorant or just noob ^_^). Today they charged me and dispatched my Item! Seems like this is on the seller side rather than Revolut, the CS gave a good explication on that. Basically just wait or contact the seller to hurry up, they will be able to charge you either way.

Hi Xathodan, I was in the same situation, but my payment was made to a visa office. Therefore, I’m really worried if there will be any problem from their end to take my money. And it’s hard for me to contact that visa office and explain my case. I hope that they will be able to charge that payment later on. Could you please help to share the detailed explanation that CS provided you? Thanks very much in advance