Money not turning up

I have had four people send money to my account and none of it has turned up. I now have four angry people getting ready to lynch me. If someone sends me money from a UK account how long does it take for the money to register?

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@PocketAces, I’m just a Revolut user, so I’m afraid I can’t help - but for my own edification, would you mind telling me what your account type is (personal/premium/business) and when the four people made their transfer?

There seem to be a few threads about money going missing, and before I start using/trusting the service, naturally I want to get to the bottom of why that is!

I noticed from my own limited testing, that ‘Faster Payments’ don’t tend to arrive instantly (or at least, haven’t from my first 3 transactions) and instead land a few hours later. I’m curious whether that’s the case here, or whether you’ve been waiting a lot longer?

I did recieve the money but it took over four hours to arrive. This is not good enough for what I want but hey, I’m happy that the money arrived eventually.

Ok, so 4 hours - about the same timeframe as my business transfers arrived in.

It certainly seems that Faster Payments have some kind of lag, from my limited experience.

Revolut team members - could you confirm if this is the case? Is the limit self-imposed (i.e you are running some kind of fraud checks and/or manually confirming), or is it technical - e.g you are updating balances, say, every few hours?

Would appreciate knowing the details, as I believe there’s a wider expectation now that UK -> UK bank transfers will be near enough instant.

Hi there.

From a UK account this usually takes 4hrs, and can take up to 1 working day. BACS payments take 3 working days.

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Thanks for your response, @jessicaszabla.

Are there plans to align with Faster Payments and make UK payments instant?

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