Money not dispensed at ATM but account charged! What to do??



Last night I tried withdrawing some cash at atm in Ubud, Bali. Everything looked fine but the atm did not give me any money. I went to the bank the atm was operated by and they said I need to contact my bank.

What do I need to do in order to get the credit back?

Thank you very much for any sort of help…



Hey @MARTINAN69 :slight_smile:

Failed transactions are usually refunded within a few hours, but they might take up to 7 days to be refunded. If you don’t get your money back after that time, you should contact :r: by clicking Support in the More tab of your app :wink:


Thank you for your help. I tried a different atm - mandiri and same thing. It says transaction temporarily unavailable but Im being charged for it :(( what option do I go when withdrawing money in Indonesia? It has 3 - checking, credit card or loans. When I got money succesfully first time Im sure I went for checking type of account. Im starting to panic slightly as this is at the moment the only way how I can get cash :((

Any ideas?

Thank you


Hey @MARTINAN69 :slight_smile:

You can choose checking, I believe, or current account, but not credit. Also, I’m afraid I don’t have any idea on ATMs in Bali…

Did you try in an ATM of the same network/branch?


Now I have tried 3 different ones, two of them were recommended by other users here… same thing. Service temporarily unavailable but I can see the charge on my account straight away.

When I used it in shop it worked fine yesterday so really not sure what is going on…



The same in Poland yesterday - i contacted Revolut support - they know problem and working on it. And we need wait…


Hey @MARTINAN69 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, @arybak is completely right. Seems :r: is having major trouble and part of the cards stopped working. You can find the last info on the issue (and probably get help) through Twitter:


Thank you both for your help. As long as it is a temporary issue and I have not been a victim of some fraud I am relieved☺

I will be checking for updates.

Thanks again.



Ah, Indonesia. Me too. Today in the morning. 3 ATM. Pending, no money. The support said, this is a technical issue, they will refund the money shortly. Till now, no refund. Happened 8h ago.


Respn. from the Support. Refund will take place today in the evening or tomorrow morning.


I will have my fingers crossed for a quick solution. Luckily we have had some dolars so had an access to money in tge end but pretty frustrating… My bank card does not work here and my cc was lost in Thailand and Im still waiting for replacement so once we run out usd we will need to get really creative I guess.



From the Support section of the app…


Still no fix. Can not use the Cards at the ATM, no refund of the money.