Money missing in my account and support doesn't even reply


After being an enthusiastic user and recommend revolut to everyone I know, I suddenly had money disappear from my account and no reply from customer support for almost 24 hours. Appalling.

Can someone from the company talk to me?


Buenos días @Luis :slight_smile:

I’m not from the company, but you might find this helpful:
There has been some major technical trouble with the :r: infrastructure yesterday, which resulted in transactions being rejected but sometimes charged anyway :persevere:

That also caused an extremely large backlog with customer support, most probably :frowning:

However, the problem is fixed now and you should get the money back into your account anytime (many users have it back already). If you did not get it yet, considering sending :r: a message on Twitter and they’ll most likely be able to help you out :slight_smile:


Buenos dias, Julio!

Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

Yes, actually they declined three transactions in sequence yesterday. One of them I got back already (in a clothes store), but the other two, in a supermarket, where I tried twice before leaving without my groceries, I didn’t get back yet.

The thing that’s annoying me more though is the non response in the support chat. I understand a technical difficulty, but at least they should reply to our concerns when there’s money missing in the account.

Anyway, thank you again :slightly_smiling_face:



Hola de nuevo, @Luis :smile:

Ok, that’s good. You should get the other two soon (let’s say, by the end of the day maybe?). If you don’t, use the support chat on before it closes or Twitter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure thing. The lack of support is one of the most commented topics in here. However, just by seeing the amount of messages on Twitter, I can image the avalanche they experienced :hushed:

Also, two things:

  • First, kudos for your patience :wink::ok_hand:
  • Second, keep us informed about the other two transactions :slight_smile: