Money missing; Beware top up of total 30k limit!

Beware everybody has a 30k limit for top up which is in your profile. When you approach the limit please sent a small amount by going over the limit. Revolut will hold your money but you need to supply proof of finances first. Then they will need to approve you…which will take days.

So to the Revolut team; I transfer 10k GBP when my limit stood at 26k. I supplied all the information requested but still nothing of my money to be seen. Please speed up or contact me or sent the money back but at least let me know where my money is!

To all users; beware!

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Same problem this is really bad service from revolut

Thank you we are aware of that. Not sure why you transferred 10000 when you were already approaching your limit …

Because nobody told me there was a limit…

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

I was already aware of it and even increased my limit far before reaching it. (took 30 minutes to confirm my documents).

The limit is NOT 30k for everyone, it depends on people.

The limit is mentioned in the T&Cs (which you read and accepted, remember?), as well as the FAQ.

That being said, they will increase your limit as long as you can justify the source of the funds, so that shouldn’t be a problem as long as - like everything in life - you don’t do it last minute and complain that things aren’t instant.


Hallo Tom

Is there anything you can do to speed up the process?

Kind regards


Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

I instantly uploaded the required documents. Now almost a week later an agent requested me to upload them again. Which I did. Also sent them to an email account that was added in the request.

So…please speed up the process and put the 10k into my account please.