Money lost in an international money transfer



I am a french customer and I have sent 805,50 USD April, 2nd 2018 from my Revolut account to an american account at Bank of America.

The receiver told me he did not get the money. I got in touch with the Revolut chat that confirmed me that the money had been dispatched April, 3rd by a third-party which is Currency-Cloud.

I then contacted BoA : they looked at the receiver’s account and told me that they didn’t received my money transfer whereas the account and the routage numbers were well filled.

I then got in touch again with Revolut Chat and again, they could’nt trace my money and provided me another confirmation which wasn’t of any help. Furthermore, they told me that it was impossible to trace wy transfer.

Can someone please help me to trace my money?


I’m coming back here since nothing has advanced. The chat assistance keeps giving me confirmation numbers after numbers(lastly ACH number) and Bank Of America keeps telling me it cannot trace the wire since it is not originated from it.

Can someone please help me to investigate about my wire ?

Is that true that if the payment has not reached my beneficiary account, it will bounce back to mine within 90 days ?


Hi kpfelix,

I have a similar situation. Is there any update at your case?
I am currenlty chatting to support.

Thanks in advance.


The money sent by bank transfer to two crowdlending platforms has been rejected, requesting another entity that has more control over money laundering.
I made the money transfers on May 30 and June 6, but I have not received them back in my account to date.
What I can do? Who has my money?

El dinero enviado por teransferencia bancaria a dos plataformas de crowdlending, ha sido rechazado solicitando otra entidad que de mas control al blanqueo de xapitales.
Las transferencias de diner0 las he realizado con fecha 30 de mayo y 6 de junio, pero no las he recibido devuelta en mi cuenta hasta la fecha. ¿Que puedo hacer? ¿Quien tiene mi dinero?


Hopefully someone such as @AndreasK can help here?