Money got sent, but I havent received

Sender from phillipines sent me 3500 euro a week ago into my revolut card. I havent received any money, i did contact revolut support and provided the documents which they needed for some kind of authentification. At the moment 5 days have passed since their last message and nothing has changed. Please help me with this issue

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Hello @IlonaVaitkiene :slight_smile:

Have you asked :r:'s support about this issue?
If they’re not answering, try typing resolved or live agent before asking again.

You can also try to get an update through Twitter:

Hello @Juliopp , thanks for the quick reply. Yes i’ve contacted them, i completed the steps that they asked me to do on last friday (09/03/2018) and since then they’ve been ignoring me.

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Hey @IlonaVaitkiene :slight_smile:

While your case is assigned to an agent, the chat remains in “stand by” and seems abandoned. That’s why it looks like they’re ignoring you and also why I was suggesting you to try Twitter.