money gone missing


I made two transfers for considerable amounts of money on July 4th, neither has arrive, support do not reply, anybody else having similar problems


I have the same problem. I opened an account.
I made a transfer of money, took into account July 4th.
I have a message of revolut saying that there was well a transfer
Since I have no more information.
Just that I have to make a transfer of money to have my card.
I did not receive a card but my account was sold by this transfer

I manage to contact nobody. I have to wait 24 hours for chater with somebody

I want my money back !!!


Well, I have to say they (after a couple of fruitless days waiting for a contact) sorted me out. It was all to do with a change of phones by my wife, the app needed removing and reloading - worked a treat. You might want to try that, even if you don’t have a new phone.