Money frozen, HELP!


Been waiting 5 days with no feedback regards verification of funds (several thousand pounds). Tried Chat, tried phone support, tried messaging contributors. It’s enough. Am in the process of contacting my bank (origin of funds) and the FSA to throw light on this. You simply cannot operate a business this way - holding moneys and avoiding customers. It is tantamount to theft and is creating untold anxiety and consternation, not to mention time-wasting. I want access to my money. Please respond!!



I am in the same situation. 4 days ago my account has been blocked “for security reasons” out of nowhere while I was trying to pay a bill via bank transfer (SEPA/EU) - a transaction that I did several times before. The account is fully verified and in use since more than 6 months. Support chat person reacts every 48 hours and keeps saying “your account is under review”. Currently the support chat is covered with a banner saying “we’re facing technical issues with our support chat which are affecting our ability to respond”. In short: “we took your money and won’t talk to you”. Thanks, Revolut!


It’s bemusing how they’re operating like this… at least maintain user access to defer funds to origin when checks have to be made / resources are stretched. This is very serious to hold people’s money and will only hurt their reputation. I am still getting no feedback!


Yea, well this company is soooo suprising me currently… There was an agent - there was a single responded message, but nothing of the promised happened in next 4 hours… “WOW” about such support.


The same thing just happened to me, fully verified account with only half of the yearly top up used and Revolut decided to stop my transfer and Customer service is unreachable.

as soon as I get the £ 261 released I will close the account


Many people will do the same. It is critical for a business of this nature to address grievances… all their resources are likely appealing to new customers. It wouldn’t be a major issue if I were able to transfer out again, but this holding onto monies and no response is ridiculous. Heard nothing from the mods on this forum either.


It’s only few of revolut guys,think less than 5 on forum. I’m pretty frequent user of community (learning :smiley: ) and very hard to catch up :smiley:
Think they’ll be here in an hour .
Working day :slight_smile: 9-5 :smiley:


Hi all! Apologies for the long wait. We’re receiving a high volume of requests which is causing delays in getting back to you.

Rest assured, your queries have been escalated to the relevant team.


Experiencing same, been waiting for 4 days now, my business and personal account with Revolut, blocked, and access denied to any of them.

on my personal account, they said I have topped up too much already, by topping up to £6000 in 3 months, therefore, they needed to see my proof of funds- bank statements, which I have given them, and since then, they come to the chat every 48 hours to remind me that my account is still ‘under review’, nothing more.

on my business account, I am being punished for daring to send a few thousand dollars to a business associate in Liberia, apparently, all African countries are considered no-go areas, and must not be empowered in any form, so, any attempt to send money to most African countries is a crime punishable by blocking your account.

Because they could not justify their actions, they came up with the excuse that my ‘freelance’ account is invalid, because they found out I had a registered business. I registered a business, and it is not trading yet, but they are claiming that I should not have a freelance business account if I have a registered business, meanwhile they had all these information while I was setting up the account, and they opened the account for me as a self employed, upon being satisfied with all the documentation I provided, and my account is fully verified.

The brazen display of criminality, injustice, and unprofessionalism being displayed by Revolut is abominable and atrocious, and I cannot understand how the regulatory authorities will allow this go on. They just take your money, sit on it, and start telling you stories. how can you be reviewing an account that is only two months old, simply because you sighted a few thousands in the account, and you want to hold on to it? what activities have gone on in an account in two months to warrant a review? in my 11 years of business, this is the worst I have come across, and it is incredibly appalling!

Revolut need to define what their mission is- whether they are in the financial services to frustrate and steal from people, or to offer a service. The former looks more like it at the moment.


Exasperating indeed. The explosion of crypto has likely swamped this and similar services. It’s good when everything is running, but this support issue needs to be sorted moving forward.

Thanks Andreas