money doesn't comes throught


Hello comunity,
I’m new on revolut and i need a big explanation! i send my IBAN with the personal reference code to a friend that its been very fast to send me the money, those money are been deduced from my friend’s bank account (its a german one) but they never have come in my revolut card! The transaction is been placed over 10 days ago! anyone that can help me out with this frustrating situation?
tnx a lot


why your friend did not get revolut himself and send money instantly to you?
i think it is only revolut cardholder who can load money onto card


Hi @enricosbr, please check the FAQs. Third party transfers from accounts not in your name are not supported for top ups via transfer when a reference code is needed.


Hey @enricosbr

Did you try to reach our support team?