Money disappeared, support are just awful


So I initiated a transfer at 18.19 last night, which still hasn’t turned up. I pay for premium and should get turbo transfers. This is disappointing to say the least.

I tried speaking to in-app support who closed the chat without a resolution, and aren’t being helpful

They are repeating over and over again about the outage and that it’ll be processed in 1-2 days. Not good when I PAY FOR TURBO TRANSFERS.

And now, after reopening it and replying this morning I haven’t had anything back. So much for 24/7 support.

I’ve emailed Nikolay, team@ and feedback@ but don’t expect a response. Phone support is non-existent

Other than calling my bank and charging back the top up, what can I do to actually get a resolution?

Also, feedback: hire support staff that can actually help and actually give a damn about customers.


Hello @lukehebb :wink:

I would suggest waiting for those 1-2 days and then asking for a refund of the Turbo cost, as this is anything but turbo.

Keep into account the support team has receive a massive overload of angry customers and there will most probably be a backlog processing them :frowning:


That would be great if I didn’t pay extra each month for Turbo Transfers and 24/7 “priority” support

I’m without money I need and have zero support from Revolut

Disappointing is a serious understatement.


Hey @lukehebb :slight_smile:

I (unfortunately) fully agree…