Money by link not received

A friend sent me some money one month ago with a link I received on by phone, but the link didn’t work : I had a message saying to check my profile, but it was nonsense.

Today I realize it didn’t work because we were not setup as friends in the app.

Now the problem is, my friend has his money disapeared from his Revolut account, and I don’t see the money in my account. When I click the old link, it says it has expired.

Where is the money ? How can I get it back ?

Hi there. The link is only valid for 24 hours, if you don’t accept it then the funds return back.

Yes the funds returned back. Thanks !

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I am confused, a failed transaction from a month ago just reverted back within the last three hours?

Nope. It was a small amount, and I didn’t checked since several days because I thought the money was lost. So I don’t know when the money came back.