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Well, you sent euros to a pounds account. Assuming you sent it with the proper reference number the money will show up, but it will take a while and will be less than 100 euro in total (currency conversion and SWIFT transfer fees). I’d expect something between GBP 70 and 80.

There is not much Revolut could do here.

Also, you posted quite a few personal details. I’d remove that :slight_smile: thats a public forum

Almost month has passed. Nothing changed. No money in Revolut GBP or Eur account. Revolut is very unreliable and client unfriendly company.

Well, assuming that you did not contact support I wouldnt expect it to show up either, because you wired it to the wrong account and now it cant be assigned but lingers around.

Not much of a problem with Revolut, but rather an incorrect transfer. If you had contacted them when I replied to you a month ago, you’ probably already have the funds in your account for a long time.

I wired money yesterday, received it today.

I wired money to the right Revolut account in GBP from Eur account at Paysera.

I attached also the screenshot of momita Mmrmovmitm Re

This is a public forum, you might not want to publish personal details like this payment receipt here. Why aren’t you discussing this with Revolut’s in app customer support that is better suited to actually help you with your problem? Most of us are just users like you :wink:

I has no Revolut account.

Once again, can you explain why you sent a euro transaction to the sterling account via SWIFT, if the SEPA transaction would have been cheaper and faster?

Also, please explain why you havent contacted support yet, even though you were told so already a month ago?

As far as I can tell you did indicate the reference number, however I cant say whether the field (which seems to be a payment reason, not a reference) was the correct one. Again, only support can help you here and you should have contacted them already a month ago.

In that case the recipient should contact support and clarify the situation.

Okay, I see, you don’t have a Revolut account.

Two things went wrong:

  • You sent GBP to EUR. This is usually not a problem. It’s not the preferred way, because its costly and takes longer, but not a problem.
  • You put in the wrong beneficiary, I assume. Where you put in the name of the recipient, there should have been “Revolut LTD.”

This is what I would do: forward the receipt of the payment (the one you posted here) to the recipient. She (? sorry, I am not sure if that is a female or male first name) can then provide this to the official customer support and they can track down and manually allocate the money, in case the money did not bounce back because of the wrong recipient name.

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