Monarch flight booking with card


I have booked flights with Monarch who have gone into administration with Revolut card and have had no joy with support response yet.

Are payments covered under MasterCard for a refund ?


As Revolut is not a credit card I think the best you can hope for is to try get chargeback.

Interested to what Revolut have to say.



Thanks that’s very helpful


I’m in exactly the same position - flights booked with Monarch using Revolut card and now flights cancelled with no view of a refund.
I have just emailed and hopefully I will receive a reply soon on the chargeback procedure etc.
Let me know how you get on!


I have had to fill out a form using their online support for a chargeback. They will request monies from MasterCard but it could take up to 45 days for a solution. I would send them a message on the app to speak to a live agent and they will give you a link to fill it in. I’ll keep updated in here, I’m hoping it will be a positive outcome.


That’s great, thanks for the advice Sara. I’ll chat to them and get the chargeback link.


Hi there!

We can try to raise a chargeback on your behalf to recoup the difference.

Please note that a chargeback procedure can take up to 45 days. This is a MasterCard policy to give the merchant who took your funds time to contest the chargeback.

If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Andreas K.


I have filled in a form via the revolut app so am assuming that this will be processed accordingly ?


Sara Wilson


Glad to hear that. Our chargeback team will get back to you once they have an update!


I’m in same long will it take a support team member to get back to me so i can get a link for chargeback.I raised the issue with the Revolute bot few hours back.
Cheers Manoj L


I can send it to you via a DM. Could you please reach me out via a direct message?


I Can’t find a way to send a DM to you. but one of the support member from revolut get back to me. hopefully he can sort this for me.
Thank you
Manoj L


Please let me know if support cannot help.


I too have a chargeback claim filed but being sent round in circles. Contact Monarch, provide evidence you don’t have travel insurance and they won’t pay out. Get confirmation from Atol your not covered etc etc… I don’t think Revolut are going to be as supportive as other banks over this.


Worth pointing out that Revolut are not a bank as they do not hold a banking license.


See below.


It is just a little frustrating when you need a yes/no answer and Revolut must have a position on the Monarch issue. What they are asking for is very time consuming if at all possible.

  1. Provide evidence that travel insurance you didn’t purchase doesn’t cover airlines going into liquidation?
  2. Provide evidence you’ve contacted monarch. Website directs you to card provider and phone line is down.
  3. Provide evidence that you have contacted ATOL when Monarch Airlines does not hold an ATOL certificate, just the holiday side does.

The whole monarch situation has been well covered in the media and the answers to these question are universally known so why waste your customers time when we just need to know what the Revolut position is on this?


Have you had any success yet?


Did you send on the Administrators emails we have since received which will cover most of their queries?