Monarch chargeback


Hi Revolut,

I’m one of unlucky passengers of Monarch Airlines.

I’ve spoken to your support team regarding paying for those tickets, I’ve been asked for all the documents regarding reservation (confirmation emails, payment details etc.), with all that information you requested chargeback from MasterCard.

Last Tuesday (the 28th of November 2017) I was informed by one of chargeback support team members, that the chargeback has been accepted and it’s on its way (should be on my account within a few hours).

Woo hoo, great news!

Not really, money hasn’t arrived on the 28th, neither 30th, therefore I’ve spoken to chargeback team again on the 30th. Again I was informed that the “tech team has pushed the refund” and it should be on my account within a few hours.

Today is the 5th of December 2017, my money is not there.

Am I going to get my money back, or is that all “chargeback request, refund” just a lie?


Finally resolved. It took a week, even though I was told that it should take hours, and that was the reason of frustration.

Well done Revolut (MasterCard) for getting back the money from Monarch.


Does Revolut insure you on this kind of payments?

Did not know they had this


Didn’t know either, but it was worth trying